Rules & Regulations

1. Definition

Full Contact Skydiving shall be defined as a mixed martial art combat sport occurring in the free-fall portion of a standard skydiving jump.

2. Weight Divisions

In free fall, weight has less of an impact on a fighter's performance than land-based sports. However, both fighters must fall into one of three broad classes:

  • Lightweight: 155 pounds and under
  • Middleweight: 155 to 205 pounds
  • Heavyweight: 205 pounds and above

If opponents are within 3 pounds of each other but in different classes, the bout may be approved by a referee as long as he deems it safe.

3. Jump Requirements
  1. Initial jump altitude must be a minimum of 15,000 feet.
  2. Neither participant may engage in combat or contact until both are free from the aircraft.
  3. Both participants must pull their chutes by 4,000 feet REGARDLESS of fight progress.
  4. Once either parachute has been opened, the combat portion of the jump is finished and neither fighter may engage with the other.
  5. No fighting on the ground.
4. Equipment
  1. Each fighter will be fitted with a ram-air rectangular chute, tested and passed by FCS officials.
  2. Each fighter must wear a wrist-mounted altimeter, which must be tested before each jump.
  3. Fighters must wear helmets at all times.
5. Round Length

There is no fixed time limit for a FCS round. Round length is determined as the time it takes to fall from jump height (15,000 feet or higher) to chute-pull height (minimum 4,000 feet).

6. Combat Fouls

The following acts constitute fouls which will result in penalties from the judges and possible disqualification.

  1. Groin attacks of any kind
  2. Throat strikes of any kind
  3. Reaching beneath an opponent's helmet
  4. Striking downward using the point of the elbow
  5. Striking to the spine or the back of the head
  6. Using any part of the parachute to choke and/or strangle an opponent.

7. Diving Fouls

The following acts constitute fouls relating to the dangers of plummeting through the sky. Committing one of these fouls is an instant forfeit of the match, and potential expulsion from the sport.

  1. Preventing opponent from pulling his chute at any time
  2. Removing opponent's helmet
  3. Tampering with or in any way disabling an opponent's chute
  4. Tampering with or removing opponents altimeter

8. Sportsmanship

Have fun and be yourself.