Dive Into Your Potential

Combining the discipline of Mixed Martial Arts with the intensity of skydiving, Full Contact Skydiving is more than a sport. It is a philosophy, a culture, and way of life.

Whether your goal is to improve your ability to defend yourself mid free-fall, or compete with the best vertical contenders on earth, the physical and mental benefits of FCS are undeniable. You’ll build confidence, self-assurance, core strength, overall health and wellness. Full Contact Skydiving is the most exciting sport on earth… in the sky.


West Coast Semi-Finals Postponed Due to Inclement Weather

Strong winds in the Nevada area have forced us to reschedule the semifinals. We’ll be reaching out to competitors to let them know our new time & location.

Legalization Battle Continues in Australia

Following the ban on FCS in Australia, athletes and enthusiasts have petitioned the government of New South Wales to reconsider the ruling with the addition of the latest Rules and Regulations.

Thorgier Straum Injury Not As Serious As Feared

Norwegian FCS athlete Thorgier Straum is doing well after an injury to his left clavicle. Doctors say that Straum will not be able to compete in the summer invitational but should make a full recovery by fall.

Wingsuits Grow in Popularity in Japan

The trend of Japanese FCS athletes using wingsuits as opposed to traditional parachutes seems to be increasing, judging from several newly-released videos from the Sora no Tataki (Sky Battle) team in Osaka.
Skuay Thai Norwegian Jiu Jitsu FCS

FCS is a community of like-minded athletes and individuals looking to create change. See what Full Contact Skydiving can do for you.


Worldwide Events

Fjord Freefall: FCS Exhibition Bergen, Norway, April 15 2013
2013 European FCS Invitational Barcelona, Spain July 5, 2013
“Making Gravity Work for You”: Workshop with Urijah Faber Las Vegas, Nevada, July 2, July 17, August 1, 2013
Open Sparring Oslo, Norway, August 22, 2013
Open Sparring Oslo, Norway, September 28, 2013
European FCS Community Holiday Party Stockholm, Sweden, December 19, 2013
Wind Tunnel Training Tokyo, Japan, January 4-5, 2014
FCS Eastern Canada Competition Edmonton, Alberta Feb 15, 2014

Contact Us

For more information about Full Contact Skydiving, you can contact the American FSC committee at: fcs@tech-center.com